Mumbai Port Trust shuts its door for cruise line till March 31, 2020

- By Sagar Shere March 11, 2020


To stop the spread of Coronavirus now the Mumbai Port Trust has now closed its entry for international cruise liners. The move is in line with the Centre's restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus. Industry experts have speculated that the decision will impact the growth of the cruise sector.

According to Sanjay Bhatia, Chairperson, Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) said, “At present, there is one cruise in the Mumbai harbour and all passengers have been scanned (for the virus). But as a precautionary measure, we have decided to ban all incoming ships from international destinations till March 31. As per our estimates, we were expecting 15 more cruises.”

“A team of doctors from the Mumbai Port Trust used thermal scanners to screen passengers inside the ship,” added Bhatia. The MbPt chairperson said that Jalesh cruises and Angriya, which ply on the Mumbai-Goa route within Indian waters, have been allowed to operate since they do not go to any of the affected countries.

Nalini Gupta, head of Costa Cruises India said, “In a way, the port trust is doing what is being done globally. My ships have all left. I hope the whole matter gets resolved soon as it is affecting the cruise industry which has just started to take off.”

Gupta estimated that 25 cruise liners were scheduled to arrive in Indian ports till April end. The cruise industry in India started taking off over the last three to four years and Mumbai is a major destination.