Covid-19: Mumbai port authorities hold Iranian cargo ship to disembark

- By Sagar Shere March 13, 2020
Mumbai, India


Mumbai port authorities have stopped an Iranian cargo ship at the outer anchorage of JNPT since March 7th. Port authorities are dissuading crew on foreign cargo ships from disembarking in India.

According to JNPT officials, “We are holding cargo ships that have come to JNPT from Covid-19-affected countries away from the inner anchorage while the crew on ships from other countries are being dissuaded from landing, except for Indian officers, provided they do not have high body temperature or show any other symptoms.”

“Medical teams will allow the Iranian ship to berth only if data of the cargo on it, body temperatures of the crew and declarations submitted by its authorities are found to match the standards laid down by the central health ministry, added by the officials.

It may be mentioned that thermal scanners have been put up at the embarkation and disembarkation points, besides health staff have been deployed to cross-verify and certify these. “If we find anyone infected with the virus, we have ambulances and other setups in place to take patients to Kasturba Hospital at Chinchpokli,” an official added.

For disembarkation, health officers have to certify the crew as per health department procedures, said an MbPT official, adding ships importing oil at Jawahar Dweep and other cargo ships were being allowed to operate but only after checks by medical teams. Sources said unlike at airports, no steps are being taken to check surveyors, agents, clients and barge personnel who enter vessels without checking health of crew.