‘Westerdam’ passengers disembark after being stranded at sea over coronavirus virus fears

- By Sagar Shere February 17, 2020


Coronavirus has turned out a nightmare for thousands of passengers and crew members of the MS Westerdam cruise ship. The passengers and crew aboard a cruise ship, who were denied entry at several Asian ports in recent days were finally allowed to disembark in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The passengers were welcomed by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who welcomed the passengers and crew members with flowers.

The MS Westerdam, carrying 1,455 passengers and 802 crew, docked in the Cambodian port town of Sihanoukville. It had anchored offshore early in the morning to allow Cambodian officials to board and collect samples from passengers with any signs of ill health or flu-like symptoms.

Followed by the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Japan became the latest country to deny entry to all international cruise ships.

Diamond Princess another cruise ship aboard at the port of Yokohama, near Tokyo, is under quarantine. Confirmed by Japan’s health officials confirmed 218 people aboard including one quarantine office on the ship has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

Much like the virus, the fear that any cruise ship can be a floating petri dish has also been spreading. However, health experts said ships can be safer than aircraft.