Indian Seafarers to get Tax relief

- By Chezhian Vaiz March 24, 2020
New Delhi, India


There is good news for the Indian Seafarers. All the seafarers outside India for more than 183 days will get Tax relief as per the Finance Bill passed in the Parliament yesterday.

A seafarer working in a ship for more than 183 days outside the country will not be obliged to pay any tax to the Indian Government. And also they will continue to enjoy the status of NRI.

This Government move will benefit 3 lakh Indian Seafarers. Earlier in 2020 Budget, the Finance ministry made a proposal to tax seafarers. Now this proposal has been corrected with the Finance Bill which was passed yesterday.

The Finance bill was hurriedly passed in the Lok Sabha without any discussion or reply by the Finance Minister and duly returned by the Rajya Sabha as the country headed for a lockdown to face the Coronavirus crisis.