Thousands of Crews forcefully stranded at ships worldwide

- By Chezhian Vaiz March 26, 2020
Mumbai, India


Corona virus made thousands of seafarers to stay in the ships even after their contract period expired. Most of them are not allowed to sign up from the ports and in case if allowed to leave, the crew is unable to reach their home countries.

“It is a really hard time for us,” said Krishan Gopal, a third engineer from UAE. “I was supposed to return to Chennai 15 days ago. My family is worried and waiting for me. But I am not sure when this uncertainty will end,” Gopal said further.

Many seafarers throughout the world are facing this situation. But nobody, including the Human rights organizations or Maritime Unions is unable to help the seafarers. It is like a war time scenario for the seafarers. Nobody knows how long they will be forced to work, even though they are paid for this extended period.

Most of the countries have closed their borders and airports. And currently no option is left out for these crews to reach their home. Many countries remained open for crew changes, but flights are not allowed.