11837 Indian seafarers stranded in 74 Cruise Ships, two dead

- By Chezhian Vaiz April 13, 2020
Mumbai, India


Indian maritime organizations have raised serious concern over more than 11837 Indian Seafarers from 74 Cruise ships being stranded in different parts of the world.

Coronavirus has crippled the shipping industry, and Indian seafarers are the worst victims of this pandemic. Lockdown throughout the nations have made the seafarers life a standstill. Even though Indian ports are allowing Indian seafarers signoff, more than 11000 seafarers from cruise ships only are unable to come out of their vessels.

“We have already lost two crews to Covid- 19 and don’t know how many more lives are going to be lost,” said a ship management senior executive from Mumbai. ‘Oasis of the seas’ vessel has more than 400 Indian crews. Most of the cruise vessels have above 100 Indian Seafarers. ‘MSC Magnifica’ vessel is sailing with 1771 passengers, and around 106 Indian seafarers are working in that cruise ship.

Many countries have arranged to fly their seafarers back to their respective home town. National Union of seafarers of India has asked the seafarers on board in India and abroad to submit petition to Govt. of India for the speedy return of the seafarers to their respective home.