At least 160 Ruby Princess crew test COVID - 19 Positive

- By Chezhian Vaiz April 15, 2020
Sydney, Australia


Ruby Princess currently at sea off the NSW coast, South of Sydney has at least 160 crew tested positive of coronavirus according to sources.

More than 1000 crew members are on board the Ruby Princess and all these crews are confined to their cabins with no idea regarding when they will be able to return home. Yesterday ongoing test in the vessel found that more than 160 crew are carrying the deadly virus. Another 800 crews have not been tested yet.

Around 2700 passengers were allowed to disembark from the Ruby Princess despite many cases of illness being logged onboard. A criminal investigation is underway to determine who was responsible for allowing people to disembark with quarantine. The vessel has more than 170 COVID- 19 cases and 18 deaths.

Ruby Princess was one of four cruise vessels that had been allowed an exemption to allow passengers to disembark during Australia’s one month ban on foreign ships.