French Aircraft carrier 668 Crew test positive COVID-19

- By Chezhian Vaiz April 16, 2020


668 crews of “Charles De Gaulle” the French aircraft carrier tested positive of COVID- 19. The carrier has total 1767 people on board, according to France Health Ministry sources.

The Charles de Gaulle which can transport 2000 crews had been deployed in the Atlantic for Operation ‘Chammal’ to counter ISIS activities in Iraq and Syria. Last week the carrier was brought back from the deployment after some sailors showed Coronavairus symptoms.

The carrier which has helicopters and fighter jets on board was accompanied by two frigates. One for aerial defense and the other an anti- submarine vessel. The ship is the tenth French aircraft carrier, named after French General Charles De Gaulle.

France is under lockdown till 11 May. It has the third highest death in Europe after Italy and Spain. Charles De Gaulle is the second aircraft carrier to be plagued by the virus. Earlier USS Theodore Roosevelt many crews were found with Covid- 19 and all of them are quarantined.