91 Crew including Indian members in Costa Atlantica tested for COVID-19

- By Chezhian Vaiz April 25, 2020


Japan has confirmed 91 Costa Atlantica crew tested Positive for COVID-19. The ship is docked at Nagasaki and is undergoing repairs. The cruise vessel has total 623 crew members.

One crew is admitted in the hospital and the remaining crew is on board and being monitored by a medical team. The vessel arrived in Nagasaki on 29 January from China. The crew was not allowed to leave the ship but local media reports some of the crew went outside the wharf.

The Nagasaki authorities are struggling to monitor the local situation and have expressed their inability to maintain the all the crew on board. The Japanese authorities are investigating if new crews were signed on in Costa Atlantica.

Costa Cruises said the ship has 623 crew members of 36 different nationalities. The vessel has many Indian seafarers too.