‘Seafarer Happiness = low’- latest survey indicates

- By Chezhian Vaiz May 04, 2020


“Seafarers are proud of their work, but feel unsupported during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, reveals London based The Missions to seafarers’ index report.

The index undertaken in association with the Shipowners’ club and Wallem Group is a tool for measuring the experience of seafarers across the global maritime industry. This is a special COVID-19 report which focuses on workload, shore leave and interaction of crew on board, as these were the main areas raised by seafarers within pandemic period.

Across all responses, the call from seafarers was clear. The combination of increased workloads, extended contracts and increased isolation leaves the majority of seafarers feeling stressed, anxious and exhausted. This risk undermines the quality of their work and safety standards.

The seafarers need better connectivity, including internet access as a basic necessity to battle isolation and improve the connection between sea and shore to ensure that the seafarers feel protected by the decisions made on shore. The seafarers also voiced anxiety about shore staff boarding vessels, given the risk of infection.

The industry has a responsibility to ensure seafarers are and feel protected within the workplace, the report said further. Commenting on the report Steven Jones, Founder of the seafarers’ happiness index stated, “Protecting our seafarers is the key to protecting our industry. It is our duty and responsibility to provide them with all the tools needed to be safe, particularly while many are prevented from returning home”