Operation “Samudra Sethu” brings back 2000 Indian from Maldives to India

- By Chezhian Vaiz May 08, 2020


The Indian Navy’s warship INS Jalashwa has begun a full pledged preparation to bring back around 750 Indians from Maldives to Cochin. Passengers will be ferried to Male port to board the navy Ship.

Indian High Commission sources at Maldives stated that the entire passenger underwent the necessary procedure at Velana Airport as per the regulations.

However the Indian Navy, for the first time has indulged in charging the passengers who are being repatriated by the Navy sources. Stranded Indians will have to pay Rs.3, 028 per head as repatriation services.

The Indian Navy will be bringing around 2,000 people in two phases. The first ship will reach Cochin and the other one will bring the Indian nationals to Thoothukudi.