Japan Shipowners Propose Offshore airport for crew changes

- By Chezhian Vaiz May 10, 2020


Kansai international airport, located on an artificial island soon to become the hub of crew change if Japanese Government accepts a proposal from the local Shipowners.

COVID-19 has made crew change a difficult process and is affecting the shipping industry a lot. So a group of shipowners have made a request to authorities to allow Kansai international airport for crew change.

Seafarers arriving from foreign countries will undergo health check up and will join their ships. Crew boats will be used to ferry the sailors from the airport to the ships. Seafarers signing off from Japan will travel to Kansai International airport and will be flying to their home countries.

Kansai international airport is located on an artificial island 38 kilometer away from Osaka. It is the 30th busiest airport in Asia and 3rd busiest in Japan. The airport opened on 1994 to relieve overcrowding at Osaka international airport.