Mexico faces high increase in crew arrests for drug smuggling

- By Oviya Vaiz May 14, 2020


Alerts about false accusations on crews for drug smuggling in Mexico have been on the round among major shipping firms for quite some time. The arrests in Mexico seem to have a similar pattern of being detained immediately at arrival. Most of these arrests happen to occur at the Ensenada and Altamira ports of Mexico.

Major shipping organizations for spreading out the alerts like BIMCO, International Chamber of Shipping, InterManager have pointed out five cases which do not have any standard proof for the crew being involved in an sort of Narcotics being smuggled, but yet the crew members are kept under custody and the vessels are withheld.

According to the Mexican code of Criminal Acts, any accused must remain under custody for the period of pre-trial and trial detention which can be a lengthy procedure, even if the accused is proved to be innocent. Especially at the time of pandemic, this procedure might get all the more long and stressful for the crew members.

All crews coming to Mexico from any South American port have the liberty to report to their P&I club if they suspect any kind of trouble.