Iranian container ship with a giant crack in the middle due to collision with another bulker

- By Nithya Solomon May 14, 2020


In the waters of Northern Indonesia, container ship Shahraz and Bulk carrier Samudra Shakti I collided with each other, wherein Shahraz sustained significant damage.

Shahraz remains aground near Sambu island due to massive damages, whereas the Samudra Shakti I was refloated to the Batam Water and was reported to not have sustained major damages. The captain of the Indonesian authorities have reported that there might be possible leaking. He also said that, “The ship looks crooked or hogging”.

At the time of accident, the bulker Samudra Shakti I which was about 23,573 dwt was sailing from Belawan to Bayah and the container ship Shahraz was travelling from Port Klang, Malaysia to Shanghai, China which can carry about 6500 TEU.

The Ministry of Transportation has alerted the patrolling crew of Sea and coast guard unit, who arrived and the scene immediately and inspected the damage. Various Indonesian services are now at work to ensure safety during shipping activities in that area and avoid traffic.

"We continue to work to coordinate efforts to salvage, float, and prevent pollution, as well as supervise the condition of the ship,” said Captain Herbert Marpaung from the Directorate General of Sea Transportation in Indonesia.