13 USS Roosevelt sailors who, apparently recovered from COVID-19 have now relapsed

- By Oviya Vaiz May 17, 2020
New York


The US Navy has reported that the 13 Sailors who were tested negative for the corona virus have now tested positive. The Crew carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt began operations on April 29th following several weeks of Quarantine in the waters of Guam.

In the earlier release five men were said to have developed influenza like symptoms who immediately reported it while medical examinations, these men were tested positive for the virus after being tested negative twice. The US Navy affirmed that the sailors were well monitored and also said that, "met rigorous recovery criteria, exceeding CDC guidelines". It was also stated in the report that the sailors critically observed all protocols of social distancing while on deck.

Since then, the US navy has reported another group of 8 sailors to have tested positive, together being 13 in number. This group of 13 along with few others with who these sailors have been in contact have been moved from the vessel and have been isolated.

Cases wherein people who seemed to have recovered have been tested positive are now growing number according to a report from South Korea. Health researchers are now trying to find out why such patients retest to be positives for the virus. Some Korean Health experts have reported that these test results may simply be false positives since there are chances that some inactive fragments of the virus may be still present in the patients. Cultures from such patients have been tested to have found no viable virus, hence COVID-19 from such relapsed patients is not contagious as reported by some Korean health researchers.