Passenger dies after falling from Color Magic Cruiseferry

- By Sagar Shere March 07, 2020


A passenger traveling via Cruiseferry has lost his life after falling overboard Color Line’s ship Color Magic off the Swedish coast.

The incident happened on March 4, 2020, in the waters off Strömstad on, according to the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The 75,156 gross ton vessel, which operates on the route connecting Oslo, Norway, with Kiel, Germany, was on its way to Kiel at the time of the incident.

After receiving a mayday distress call, the Swedish Coast Guard, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, and the Joint Rescue Coordination Center Southern Norway immediately launched a search for the missing person.

On March 4, 2020, around 8 PM, a Norwegian helicopter found the body of the man, a German national, in the sea. The body was recovered and transported to a Norwegian hospital.

Sources has approached Color Line for more details on the incident, however, the Norwegian cruise company is yet to reply.