US receives warning from Iran against any move on their shipment to Venezuela

- By Nithya Solomon May 18, 2020


Iranian Foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned the US Navy to avoid any sort of disruptions during the voyage of their shipment to Venezuela following the report of $45.5m worth of fuel transportation. He said any such move from the US would be "illegal and a form of piracy" adding the US would be responsible for "the consequences", according to a foreign ministry statement.

Iran’s Fars news also reported that four US warships have been stationed at the Caribbean for a intervention in the deal between these two US sanctioned nation. Oil exports between Iran and Venezuela was put to an end by the unilateral sanctions imposed by the US.

This fuel transfer was put on schedule only after Venezuelan Socialist Nicolas Maduro seeked Iran’s help for transporting chemicals required to reboot aging refinery during petrol crisis, which was an early sign of economic and political quarrel which put Venezuela in a rather gripping situation.

This deal between the two sanctioned countries revokes another probable confrontation between Iran and the US in the gulf, which has already witnessed quarrelsome incidents most of which related to the oil industry in the past.

Iran and Venezuela has a fair share of gains from the deal after being heavily sanctioned by the US, Iran can bring in some finance into its poverty stricken nation and Venezuela has nothing to lose by accepting the deal. It is likely that Venezuela has received some amount of discount for the fuel worth $45.5m, keeping in mind the crisis both countries currently face.

There is high anticipation regarding how the US plans to deal with the Iranian tankers. Earlier in April, Iran was accused by the US for "dangerous and harassing" maneuvers near American warships in the northern Gulf.