Panama Authorities threaten to fine ships up to $ 10,000 for disabling positioning signals

- By Nithya Solomon June 02, 2020


Panama’s Maritime Authority threatened to impose sanctions on vessels if they deliberately deactivate, tamper or alter the operation of their tracking transponders, including withdrawing its flag from the ship.

The panama maritime authority made this statement after United States highlighted the tactics used by illegal shippers and rogue nations. Panama has the largest shipping fleet in the world with more than 8000 vessels and currently accounts for 17% of the sea going ships.

“This General Directorate of Merchant Marine will impose sanctions on all those Panamanian flagged vessels that deliberately deactivate, tamper or alter the operation of Long Range Identification and Tracking System or the Automatic Identification System” PMA said in a statement.

PMA is reminding ship owners and operators that the systems must keep functioning, avoiding a loss of transmissions at all times. Further, any vessels seeking registry in Panama are also required to undergo an LRIT (Long Range Identification Tracking System).