Canada, New Zealand made Crew changes easy

- By Nithya Solomon June 12, 2020


Covid-19 free New Zealand resume crew changes effectively along with Canada and Hong Kong. Canada now allowed seafarers to apply for their visa online.

Coronavirus made crew changes difficult and international travel restrictions affected the sign-on/sign-off heavily. It is estimated that around 300, 0000 seafarers ready for crew changes. IMO and other shipping organizations have been requesting nations to relax the restrictions to allow the seafarer movement conveniently.

New Zealand being totally free of coronavirus now has made the crew changes as usual. From next week, the border restrictions won’t apply for international seafarers joining at New Zealand ports.

Canada Government has now allowed seafarers to apply for their Visa online easily. As per statement made by Transport Canada, seafarers are obligated to indicate that their travel is essential. After applying for their visa on the website, crew members will receive a notification confirming that their application is approved, refused, or requesting more information.